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Bloei Unie



This young foundation is located in Amsterdam and focuses on young people who are motivated to improve and master the Dutch language.


The foundation believes that the Dutch language is the key to progress in Dutch society. If you find yourself in isolation because no network has been built up, and  you want to be self-reliant and stay in the Netherlands in a sustainable way by learning to master the language and to develop in Dutch culture this is the right organisation for you.

The Bloei Unie is a community of committed volunteers who co-create with the knowledge, skills and willpower to realize projects.

How we work

Your language buddy offers individual support in the field of speaking, reading and writing. You do this by meeting once a week for 1.5 hours, during the day or in the evening. The agreements may consist of support with extracurricular assignments, social activation, homework assistance and relaxing activities.


We provide speaking, reading and writing support. From our experience we have noticed that the Project Language Coaches makes a positive contribution. We have noticed that newcomers have a need for Language Coaches. It is an accessible way for you to come into contact with the Dutch and the Dutch language. Other important values ​​are non-committalness, conviviality and pleasure in volunteering. Your language volunteer is motivated to follow the basic Language for Life training.


Throughout Amsterdam


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