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Coloured Circle

For people who want to exchange knowledge and culture with each other.

Speakers of other languages, refugees and status holders and volunteers who want to get to know the Dutch language and culture.


Bringing you out of your isolation and making you self-reliant by promoting speech, writing and reading skills in the Dutch language.

Colored Circle is a broad, cultural non-profit organization that brings people from different backgrounds together.


After you have indicated that you are interested in getting started, we invite you for an introductory meeting at our office. If we know you, we match you to your buddy. Duration of the match is at least 6 months. You plan the appointments for the weekly meeting in consultation together.


The volunteers are offered training. In addition, teaching material is available if desired. Twice every six months there is a meeting for coaches to exchange experiences and tips.


Amsterdam West, Centre and South.


Please call us or sent us an e-mail.