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Global Inclusion

Voor iedereen die de Nederlandse taal beter wil leren spreken.


Our Language Coach program focuses on people of migrant descent who follow a language course.

Language courses are offered throughout the Netherlands, but are not enough to really learn the language and its finer points. Without a good command of the Dutch language, it is difficult to participate fully and to re-use the competences that were previously acquired in the mother country at the same level. We believe that a tailor-made approach can give a good follow-up to the language courses. We have also developed a method called “Language Inclusive”, whereby we not only learn language, but look at the needs of the participants and refer them to other organizations to help them on their way (move forward).


We want to make people flourish again who came to the Netherlands as migrants. Our intended impact is that migrants take up their lives, integrate well into society and can use their talents to contribute to Dutch society. We see inclusivity as the way to a society in which everyone counts and accepts each other.

Picking up your life again and participating, that's what it's all about!


The language coach and language needy talk to each other 1 per week for one and a half hours. The process takes 6 months. People meet physically in other words, language coaching 1 on 1 with an adapted RIVM measure from 1.5 meters away, but Covid-19 offers the option of Face Timing or Zoom conversation.


There is an introductory meeting, followed by an intake of the volunteer and intake of the language dependent who is linked to him / her. There is regular feedback between the language coach and the project coordinator, and interim evaluation of the findings of the language coach and the project coordinator. At the start of the process, we provide information and tips with possible working methods for the language coach’s approach to the process.


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