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“Living together starts with speaking together”

For me it is a small thing, for others often something very big

Rachida el Kaid (38) lives with her son Chakir (8) in Buitenveldert. She has been a voluntary language coach at 4People Foundation, where she has conversations with non-Dutch speakers to practice their Dutch. She does this no less than three days a week. “I like to make myself useful.”

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Eiman leert Nederlands van taalcoach Sandra
Self-reliant through language lessons at home

Eiman is from Sudan and really wants to speak good Dutch. She finds Dutch a difficult language, but picks it up quickly. She is doing an integration course and gets help from Sandra. Sandra is a volunteer at the Amsterdam Neighborhood Contact, she is a language coach. As a language coach at the ABC, she helps non-native women with language lessons at home.

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