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Anyone who wants to learn the Dutch language. It does not matter whether you have already taken lessons, still have lessons, have been living in the Netherlands for a short time or longer.


We want to increase the opportunity to participate. Participate in society. We personally guide Amsterdammers and support them in learning the Dutch language. As a result, the participant gets to know more people and the social isolation decreases. This increases the chances of participating in activities in the neighborhood, training, voluntary work or work.


The social network is getting bigger and the social isolation smaller


STUDENT: When we meet a new participant, we first ask a few questions: What do you need? What do you want to learn? What for? So it is good that you know where you want to speak Dutch (in the community center, at work, at school or somewhere else?).


VOLUNTEERS: The volunteer is also asked what he / she wants, what he / she likes to talk about. A central information meeting is organized for the volunteers.


We create couples between participants and volunteers. The couples agree 1.5 hours per week. They do this for 9 months.


We have a permanent supervisor who guides and supports the couples from start to finish. This will remain the point of contact for the language couples, both participants and volunteers. The permanent supervisor also conducts the introductory meetings (intake), there is an introductory meeting for volunteers. There is a language work plan available. With this we can roughly see what language level a participant has and what he / she has learned.


Amsterdam West, New West and Center


Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.