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For foreign-language hbo or university students


For foreign-language hbo or university students or workers who have a command of oral Dutch but who still have problems with written Dutch in their internship reports, theses, application letters, work reports, etc.


Helping non-native speakers further improve their written use of Dutch language, through customization tailored to their personal situation.

All new volunteers receive tips on suitable resources


The students fill in the registration form via the website. This is followed by an intake interview with one of the two coordinators, followed by a link to a suitable volunteer for that person. In principle, guidance is for a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year, but the language coach and student can choose to continue with each other for longer.

The coordinators conduct the intake interview at one of the two at home or, if desired, in a public place (eg library, school or university). The volunteers also provide their guidance from their home address or sometimes in consultation with the student in a public place.


All new volunteers receive tips on suitable aids (textbooks and exercise material for non-native speakers and the syllabus of a course for NT2 education), there are intervision meetings twice a year and an occasional lecture by an expert. The coordinators are also available for the volunteers if the language coaches want to discuss their working method.


In all districts.


No fixed periods of telephone accessibility, contact preferably by e-mail.


contact per e-mail

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