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Why Language coaching?

A language coach helps a foreign speaker learn to speak Dutch in daily practice


A language coach is a volunteer who meets once a week with a foreign speaker who is learning Dutch. At home or during a trip you talk about everyday things, life in the Netherlands, customs in the country of origin. In this way, the foreign speaker gets to speak better Dutch and get to know Dutch society better.

Some language coaches also help you learn to write and read. For example, you read a newspaper article together or write an e-mail. A language coach can also help with the homework for the language course.

The goal is always that the non-native speaker practices the Dutch language.


With a language coach, you spend an average of one and a half hours a week working together. The coach makes its own arrangements in consultation with the foreign language: would you like to have it in the evening or during the day or at the weekend?

We have pleasant conversations, not language lessons

Your level

To have a language coach, you need to follow Dutch classes. This is an extra informal way to practice what you learn in class, not a formal way to learn Dutch.


There are various organizations that organize language coaching in Amsterdam. One is especially for refugees, the other is located in certain districts. One offers an extensive introduction, the other immediately connects you. Find out at which language coaching organization you want to get started!